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Erectile Dysfunction

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Generic Viagra

Sildenafil Citrate 25/50/100/120/150/200mg

Generic Viagra is used to treat male Impotence also known as Erectile Dysfunction.
Also, it has been approved by US FDA for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension.

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Generic Cialis

Tadalafil 10/20/40/60mg

Generic Cialis is used to treat erection problems in men. It is the only drug which is not only fast acting (works in 30 minutes) but is also know to be effective for as long as 36 hours, thus enabling you to choose the moment that is just right for you as well as your partner. Millions of men have benefited from Cialis as it works effectively in mild, moderate or severe Erectile Dysfunction.

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Generic Levitra

Vardenafil 10/20/40mg

Generic Levitra is used to treat sexual function problems such as Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction.

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Apcalis Oral Jelly

Tadalafil 20mg

Apcalis jelly (Tadalafil) is an Ajantha Pharmaceuticals product used for treating erectile dysfunction in men. It is a great alternative for brand and generic Cialis offered with Mango and Orange flavours.

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Generic Cialis Soft

Tadalafil 20/40mg

Generic Cialis Soft is the medicine that combines two main characteristics important for treating male impotence (Erectile Dysfunction): fast acting and prolonged effect. You can take the medicine in the morning and be ready for the right moment during that day, evening or even during the next day.

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Sildenafil Citrate 100mg

Kamagra is a new medicine manufactured by Ajanta Pharma (India) used for treating erectile disorders in men.

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Viagra Super Active

Sildenafil Citrate 100mg

Super Active brand of Sildenafil Citrate manufactured by Dr. Johns (India). Gelatine softgel capsules dissolve faster and allow to achieve hard erection within several minutes.

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Generic Viagra Soft

Sildenafil Citrate 50/100mg

Generic Viagra Soft is a chewable tablet. Absorbed directly into the bloodstream, it acts faster. It is used to treat erection problems in men. The time necessary for the medicine to exercise its action is about half an hour. The effect is maintained for about four hours.

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Viagra Professional

Sildenafil Citrate 100mg

Viagra Professional is an extra-strength version of the first sildenafil citrate drug to treat erectile dysfunction.

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Generic Cialis Daily

Tadalafil 2.5/5mg

Generic Cialis Daily is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It is most appropriate for men with ED who anticipate more frequent sexual activity.

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Cheap Verdenafil & DapoxetineCancer Test Technology, Ltd. The activity arose outside of Barr Laboratories' filing of an Abbreviated Fresh Drug Use (ANDA), or use for approval to make a generic story of the drug Temodar. Barr Laboratories, a division of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd., filed an ANDA to fabricate a generic story of the brain cancer drug Temodar which is currently [ glance at advertise You might be cheerful to understand that the FDA aloof approved Teva's fresh antipsychotic drug called Olanzapine, otherwise accepted as the generic Zyprexa. Lets aloof achievement the FDA knows what its doing.

Zyprexa, you may understand, has austere side-effects that can escort to diabetes and its manufacturer, Eli Lilly, has been sued by tens of thousands of ill Zyprexa users, telling salespeople to downplay these side thing. You can glance at added abou [ glance at advertise Here is Anticipate IP Strategys weekly choice of top Pharma & Biotech highbrow property account breaking in the blogosphere and internet. Highlights this week included CJEU rules no patent protection for human embryonic stem cell-related inventions Br Selling Cheap 'Generic' Drugs, India's Copycats Irk Industry - Fresh York Times Selling Cheap 'Generic' Drugs, India's Copycats Irk Industry To anyone else, the space looks love the unprepossessing work of a school science teacher.

However to the multinational pharmaceutical giants, it is the den of a pirate baron. Grinning proudly, he brandishes his trustiest weapon, the scribbled notebooks he has kept because his days as a chemistry student at Cambridge in the 1950's. Sheet upon sheet is full with dainty hand-sketched lattices representing carbon rings fresh molecules life tested in the West. They are the blueprints for plunder that the pirate has gleaned from his magazine subscriptions; his budget for pharmaceutical and medical journals is $150,000 a year. And aloof downstairs in the convention space is his treasure hoard, glittering with the pinks and greens of little pills, the sheen of gelatin capsules, the sharp glint of injection ampuls. In the space's glass cabinets are the 400 drugs fabricated by his corporation, Cipla Ltd.

They comprehend Erecto, the corporation's knockoff of Viagra; Nuzac, its knockoff of Prozac; Forcan, its knockoff of the antifungal drug Diflucan; Lomac, its knockoff of the ulcer drug Prilosec; Amlopres, its knockoff of the hypertension drug Norvasc. Some of these compounds accomplish $1 billion or added a year for the Western companies that authority the patents on them. However not here. They are sold by Cipla at one-twentieth to one-fiftieth of the value paid in the United States.

''We did a small read,'' Yusuf K. Hamied, Cipla's managing director and India's most outspoken buccaneer, said during a tour of his headquarters. ''Our turnover is $200 million. Provided we sold our products at the American-originator prices, our turnover would be $4 billion.'' To pharmaceutical giants love Pfizer, Glaxo Wellcome and Aventis, which invest billions of dollars in test, Dr. Hamied embodies the enemy.

Under Indian code, alone manufacturing processes, not the products themselves, are covered by patents. So Indian drug companies can boldly reverse-engineer best-selling drugs and sell copies cheaply. ''I accomplish every Pfizer product,'' Mr. Hamied boasted. The Pharmaceutical Test and Manufacturers of America, or PhRMA, which represents the United States industry, says Indian patent code is ''designed to punish importers of patented technology into India and to drive community production.'' It calls India's licensing practices ''infamous'' and says the familiarity of some American drug makers ''has been so abrogating that most companies accept deserted efforts to access or enforce patents in India.

'' Right how even means Western pharmaceutical manufacturers lose in India and other countries love Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Egypt and China that fly the Jolly Roger of drug piracy is in problem. Annual apple sales of drugs size to approximately $400 billion, and some executives say that a tenth of that, $40 billion, is absent. However it is again accurate that Western drug companies would sell too small in the developing apple at the prices they charge Americans and Europeans.

Cheap Verdenafil & DapoxetineHarvey E. Bale Jr., director common of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations, a Geneva-based industry trade accumulation, lay the complete of absent sales at approximately $3 billion. A PhRMA read released in Feb begin that losses in India were $69 million a year, however it covered aloof 20 general knockoff drugs. Mr. Bale said the complete loss figure for India was probably $100 million a year. Iain Cockburn, a professor of government at Boston University who has studied the affair, says there are austere problems with pirates, as some accomplish anemic or much poisonous counterfeits. Again, some able compounds, anti-AIDS drugs for archetype, must be taken on a rigorous timetable under careful monitoring, even knockoff drugs may be shipped to impoverished countries where a regular service and passable medical supervision cannot be assured. However except those concerns, he said, Western drug companies ''aloof don't love the abstraction that their proprietary rights can be got encircling via the back door.

'' ''That's the backside border,'' Professor Cockburn continued. ''It's a threat to the matter imitation.'' He famous that much provided ''the generic companies'' were selling in markets that did not attract the Western drug giants, ''the apple service of each particle increases, so the apple standard value has got to come down.''

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